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“After recently becoming a mother, and also starting a business, I was definitely in need of help to redefine my personal style. Amy came to my home and helped me to clean out my closet definitely something that needed to happen. She then created a detailed list of what I should buy to complement the pieces that I already had. I really needed lots of basics including shoes, accessories, and Amy respected my budget and introduced me to stores around town where I wouldn’t have thought to shop. She taught me how to put the outfits together, and I’m feeling much better now about how I am dressing! I would usually dread shopping because I really did not know what to look for and I ended up buying the same types of clothes over and over again.Amy gave me the confidence to learn how to assemble an outfit whether it be to take my son to a birthday party or to stand in front of a group of people to give a professional presentation. Thank you Amy!”

–Jeanne B.

“Amy placed a well-needed spark into my wardrobe. She helped me augment my favorites with some new styles while staying consistent with my own tastes. And her attention to detail was amazing! She gave me some simple guidelines to follow, helping me stay in the “looks great” category (instead of all the other categories we see so often.) Now, I enjoying wearing my new outfits out and I get tons of compliments. It’s great! I’m so pleased!”

–Jason W.

As a professional woman who doesn’t have a lot of free time or fashion savvy, my wardrobe had become very dull. Most colors didn’t seem to look good on my pale skin, so l had resigned myself to a safe world of black and beige.

Enter Amy.

Over the course of a few months, Amy gently nudged me into adding patterns and colors to complement my basic blacks. She knew what was going to look good on me and why, before the garment even left the hanger. She taught me a lot about how to use clothing proportion to my advantage, and about how a well placed accessory could transform an entire outfit. Best of all, she showed me how to make the most of the clothes I already had. She was great at finding “mates” to various items in the closet I loved but rarely wore because I couldn’t figure out what went with each.

I love getting complements on the outfits Amy put together for me, and would recommend her to anyone who needs a little help finding her own style.

–Lynn V. Austin, TX

“My husband’s comment was …”MONEY WELL SPENT”! My closet confusion changed from ‘having nothing to wear’ to ‘not sure which cute combination to put on’. The amazing thing is that Amy did that with minimal additions/costs. She helped me identify items that needed to go and also pulled in a number of items I was unsure if they were still okay to wear. She impressed me with her ability to identify my style, keep me in my comfort area, but round out my wardrobe so I can look put together every day (even if I am in flip flops most of them). She gave me some great combinations for evenings, meeting for lunch, or just going to the grocery store. She spent extra time summarizing items that I should look for and gave me links to help me. I was exceptionally impressed when she did a little shopping for me. She did in a little over an hour of shopping that would have taken me at least 5 hours and a headache and probably multiple returns. It was impressive. Amy is easy to recommend.”

–Kishna W.