Thank you for participating in my Style Questionnaire. Please give me your feedback by filling in the information below.

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1. What do you hope to achieve from a style consultation?
2. What area of my expertise do you need help?
3. Which term best describes your style? Classic, trendy, sexy, casual, feminine, eclectic…
4. What percentage of your wardrobe falls into each category? 1) Work, 2) Casual, 3)Evening
5. What don’t you like about your current style and wardrobe?
6. What colors do you think look best on you?
7. How do you feel about shopping?
8. Where do you like to shop?
9. What are your favorite brands?
10. What items are on your current shopping list?
11. What do you consider your best features and your worst?
12. Do you have any fashion restrictions?
13. What is your clothing budget?

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